Cleveland Hosted Email: We’re Neighbors!

We’re not like other email services — we’re the best. Anytime you call, you can always get somebody on the phone. Our customer service email software is top of the line.

As your trusted email center, we host your email from our Network Operations Center in Cleveland, Ohio — connected to a major online email hub.

Having that personal connection is so important — it makes all the difference! We’re a local email services provider and center that offers global access. Mango Bay is right in the neighborhood — we’ve called Cleveland home since we first opened our doors in 1997.

Our Hosted Email Solution

SPAM is so annoying. That’s why our customer service email software offers Anti-SPAM filtering. Our mail server uses one of the most powerful platforms on the market — capable of scanning over 4,000 messages per second. Our email center uses A.I. to scan your email and sort out the junk. Those are compiled in daily SPAM reports — an email detailing your SPAM so you have granular control on what’s targeted. You can always Whitelist/Blacklist email senders at will.

Growing? Hosted Email That Scales

Growth is a beautiful thing — and we’re always here for you. Whether your business employs 5 employees or 1,000, we’ll scale right along with you. Our email center is designed for flexibility. It features word search, remote and online access — all the latest features you expect from the best hosted email services provider.

Downtime Is a Thing of the Past

Down email is worse than a dead phone line. You can’t succeed if you can’t connect and communicate with the world. That’s why we designed our email hosting to stay online in a thunderstorm or hurricane. We deliver 99.9% uptime — even in the worst weather events and power outages.

Anti-Virus — Protection from Malware

Our own Anti-Virus scanning software is based on the award-winning AVAST engine — it features powerful multi-threaded processing. Across multiple vendors and devices, email is scanned multiple times before it arrives in your inbox. Each data packet is scanned by our firewall for malware and viruses. It’s a regular feature of our customer service email software.

Affordable. Local. Secure.

Whether you’re a small business or a sizable corporation, your needs always come first. We’re always available. Have a question or concern? Always speak with a local computer expert — not a bot or outsourced call center. Technical support available 24/7. That’s just how we like to do business — personal, professional, every call answered by someone you get to know on a first name basis.

Build tools to help your business

Streamlined efficiency. Move faster, do more: Our bespoke software, mobile app design and solutions will help you break through and succeed. What’s your vision? Let’s make it happen!

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