About Us

Mango Bay: Beautiful Web Design & Digital Marketing in Cleveland

Mango Bay is a Web Design & Inbound Marketing agency in Cleveland, Ohio. We are also a Business Internet Services Provider that delivers Internet connections, website & email hosting to businesses & homes. Our specialists perform onsite visits for computer repair, PC updates & support. We also provide data backup & disaster recovery services.

Mango Bay is a one-stop shop for website design, construction, hosting, maintenance & marketing. We’ll help you gain & maintain a beautiful presence on the web. Our websites are SEO engaged, mobile friendly & responsive.

Helping our clients succeed on the web for over 20 years, Mango Bay remains a family-focused business.

The History & Origins of Mango Bay:
A Brief History by CEO Alan P. Jacubenta (AJ)

When I think back, the seeds to Mango Bay were first planted one memorable afternoon in 1993 after I watched The Right Stuff, the historical biopic of the first 15 years of America’s space program.

It was a movie that changed my life. As I watched Ed Burns’ screen version of John Glenn became the first human into orbit, I realized something: It’s not just about being first — the most important thing is to be your very best, in everything you do.

Lessons Learned from a Great Senator

A senior in college at the time, I called Senator Glenn’s office the next day and volunteered for an internship. Serving in that great American hero’s office, I learned the importance of hard work and integrity. I discovered how it could enrich not only your own life but the lives of those around you.

Three years later, I co-founded Mango Bay in 1997 in the top level of a house in Parma, Ohio together with my sister Dona Wengatz. We expanded our business as an Internet Service Provider to include website hosting and moved to our current location in Brooklyn Heights, Ohio in 1999. As the years and market progressed, we added web design and digital marketing.