We get asked all the time: How do you reach Page 1 on Google?

After all, there’s no better position than being at the head of the line in search engines — customers come to you first. 

There are any number of digital marketing and SEO strategies you can implement to get there. But one tool that’s been proven to work better than just about anything else in the content marketing arsenal? Video. Without it, a marketing strategy doesn’t have wings.

The statistics are clear. Adding video content increases your chances of Page 1 Rankings by 53 times. Companies that use videos get 41% more organic traffic than those that don’t.

Not only that, but Ka-Ching! Video converts. Homepages with videos see 20% more conversions; landing pages 80% more, according to Forbes.

Video Marketing's Secret Sauce

Video’s Secret Sauce

What drives these statistics? Its video’s unique ability to explain, connect, and resonate in a way that keeps us human in the present moment. 

Video explains everything with concise, easy to understand visuals. In 1 to 3 minutes, you can understand all you need to know about a product. You see it in action — practically hold a product in the palm of your hand, hear all the bells and whistles work their magic. 

After all, seeing is more than just believing — it’s trust. And through that trust, you connect emotionally on a very human level. Viewers can better relate, get a feel for who you really are, feel as if they share a personal connection to you. 

This is key for building long-term relationships that improve conversions and sales. Through video, you create face-to-face emotional kinship that can resonate in positive decision making. They’re already yours because they feel they know you. 

And while video can stand alone, it also works great to supplement your other content. Adding a video to a blog increases the opportunity for it to be read and shared. In fact, video increases a blog’s organic traffic from search results by 157%. It also optimizes engagement and conversions on landing pages.

4 Common Types of Video for Video Marketing

4 Common Types of Video

What type of video should your company use? That depends on what you are trying to do.

The Sizzle Wheel

The sizzle wheel, also known as the pitch wheel or teaser, is a 3 to 5-minute video that showcases a company, organization, or idea in a nutshell. It’s fast-paced and inspiring. A great sizzle wheel transforms your company into a rock star experience. It conveys not only the idea of the company, but its heart and soul — what makes it tick. Here’s a slick sizzle wheel we recently did for Energy Transfer.

Video Testimonials

Video testimonials are great for creating a sense of trust. They help you form a bond in the community, showcase the connection you share with clients and partners. Interview real people about their experiences using your services and working with your company. By putting a human face on your brand, you make it relatable and trustworthy. Showcase your best clients, but be honest. Authenticity has a ring you can’t fake. Viewers can always subconsciously smell a setup.

Influencer Interviews

Conversations with influencers are a great way to kick off discussion on a topic and generate a buzz. Where do you begin — who do you start with? Well, yourself. You are an expert on your business and can probably explain it better than anybody. You can also interview sales people on the frontlines, engineers, managers, etc. These people are best positioned to explain what the company does, what problems you solve, what makes the business tick. 

And by featuring your team, you also bring personality to the company. Visitors feel like they know you; they connect and empathize — that’s why video can be such a powerful medium.

You can also interview other experts in your field, keynote speakers, authors and activists.


Because videos can connect on such a human level, they are a great tool to influence viewer response. If you require participation — say a signup, a vote in a contest, or even financial support through a Kickstarter campaign — videos are your ticket.

Action Plan — Your To-Do List for Video Success!

You know you need video. Without it, your marketing plan might as well be stuck in the early-2000s like Britney Spears’ flip-phone. So what do you do now?

Action Plan for Video Marketing

Start by getting over your shyness. Fear of the camera is probably the number one reason companies avoid video. And while that’s understandable, it’s also ridiculous, frankly. In the age of Skype, Facetime, and Facebook video messenger, cameras — including video — are just an everyday part of life. You look great; you’ll do fine. People want to see you, not some actor. Authenticity is key.

Begin with something simple like Facebook Live. Share a few Insta stories. No big deal. No need to bring your Hollywood star face. Just start recording and talk about your journey and goals. Have fun with it. The idea is presence, not perfection. 

Have your team members record video content. You can even use your phone or laptop. You don’t necessarily have to go over the top to take advantage of video’s relevancy and awesome engagement rates.

Work with a Professional Team

Once you’re ready, consider partnering with a marketing firm. Most have professional video teams that can plan a production according to your budget. While making a video is a great investment — the return integrally nested in what you put in — any budget you can afford is a great start. 

Whether you DIY the whole thing or hire a professional, break a few eggs and see what you come up with. And have fun with it. After all, fun is relatable. It’s something viewers love to connect with. The whole idea is to be human. Video is a virtual experience that’s also a unique opportunity to be yourself. To start, all you need to do is play around and press “Record.”