“Bueller…. Bueller…. Anyone? Anyone?”

Yep, boring digital marketing blogs sound just like that.

The truth is some blogs bore you to death, like Ben Stein droning through roll call in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

And with over 4 million blogs published every day, driving real engagement through digital marketing can be an uphill battle. 

A high bounce rate is one sign your readers are rolling their eyes, clicking away to someplace more interesting. But there’s no greater engagement than shares — or even better — content offer downloads for that tricky email signup. 

So how do you get readers to share your content, or better yet download an offer or share their contact info so you can give them even more? Simple. Get them to love you. 

Engagement is an emotional connection, and love’s the most powerful emotion there is. Here are 5 digital marketing secrets to get readers to love, share, and download your content like never before.


Ask to Share Digital Marketing Content

1. Ask for Love.

Don’t be shy — even if you’re from Cleveland, Ohio and just trying to be polite. When you’ve created something good, ask people to share it. If they like it — if it resonates with them, entertains or teaches them something useful — they’ll want their friends, colleagues and networks to enjoy it too. People love the connection of discovery. But sometimes a nudge can help a little.

There’s no harm putting out a line of text asking for a share, a Tweet, or a Pin. Follow that up with simple plug-ins that make it quick and easy for your readers to share your content. Some of our favorites are Click to Tweet, Sumo Share, or Easy Social Share Buttons For WordPress.

But there’s a catch. Don’t overuse the push. Save the less than subtle asks for the really good stuff. You don’t want readers to take what you offer for granted. But when you’ve got something really great, no harm passing around the Share Hat. Your readers might even thank you for it. 

2. Hook Them with a Great Headline.

A Digital Marketing Headline Hook

Here’s how online content works for digital marketing. If you’re lucky you’ve got:

  • one line to get them to glance, 
  • one sentence to get them to look, 
  • and a quick opening paragraph they’ll actually read to decide if the rest is worth their effort.


Your headline should ask a question, or if not literally a question, tantalize curiosity, get your reader to say, “Huh?” — and want to read on to learn more.


Your headline should address a problem your readers face and promise a solution; be helpful. Problems get under our skin because our brains are instinctively programmed to solve problems as a matter of survival. Instinct kicks in; we want to read. We have to know how to fix it. 

But the headline should always peddle the problem first. Keep the solution behind the curtain, inside of the content itself. That way they have to read to satisfy their itch.


And finally, a good headline plays Jedi Mind Tricks with the psyche, gets under the reader’s skin so they can’t look away. Psychological triggers and buzzwords get into the brain and take a life of their own. Use curiosity, “the what in the @#$%?” effect to get them to click.

3. Steal Off the Great Ones — Make It Even Better.

What’s one easy way to get people to love your digital marketing content? Easy. Steal all the good stuff that already exists. Especially if it’s from competitors. 

Now hang on — don’t call the Google police just yet. We’re not suggesting you should outright plagiarize. That’s rude — and will likely land you in search engine jail. But there’s no foul in borrowed inspiration. Why invent brand new ideas when good ones are already out there waiting to be made even better?

Mark Twain’s got your back:

“There is no such thing as a new idea. It is impossible. We simply take a lot of old ideas and put them into a sort of mental kaleidoscope. We give them a turn and they make new and curious combinations.”

So does SEO Guru Neil Patel:

“Research what all your competitors have to say and one up them. Make your content more detailed, more actionable, and wrap it up with a pretty design.”

The key is to make the new content rock even harder. Google wants a better Internet, so they’ll reward a good read. And your readers want great stuff. They’ll love it; they’ll share it — and they’ll download what you’ve got to get even more.

4. Easy on the Eyes: Create a Post That’s Attractive to Read.

We hate to break it to you: Nobody’s going to read your post without skimming it first.

So make it easy for them. Make your content as easy and attractive to consume as possible. 

Long boring paragraphs are difficult to skim, painful to read. Instead, lay out content in short and sweet sections that are not only readable but scannable. An occasional 1 or 2 sentence paragraph is fine. Break anything longer than a few sentences down into bite size pieces.

Keep in mind your audience may be reading you on a mobile device. Even a paragraph with a few sentences can look gigantic on a phone.

A Digital Marketing Post Easy to Read

Reading your content shouldn’t feel like driving through Kansas.

  • Use subheadings to break up the monotony and provide sign posts to guide your reader. 
  • Bullet points are a great way to break up text.
  • Include bolding and italics to attract wandering eyes — emphasize points, summarize content, guide purpose and direction.

Google loves longform content — posts that are 800 to 1,500 words, but online attention spans are paper thin. But with the right format, paragraph and sentence structure, epic posts become scannable and highly digestible. 

Give readers a feel for the content at a glance. The more they look, the more they’ll want to read. Keep it simple.

5. Discover the Art of Great Art.

We’re a visually driven culture — especially on the web. Online readers are like children who need pictures to go along with everything they read. A great image breaks up the text. It’s the first thing a reader will see. And whether they admit it or not, the reason they’ll stay more than a split second for the headline and the reel-in that follows.

 If the headline is the hook, art is the shiny lure. In fact, posts that include images have 650% higher engagement than text-only posts, according to this Adobe Social Intelligence Report.

The Value of Great Art in Digital Marketing

Start with the featured image. This is the image shown at the top of the blog and often the one that gets shared on social media. This art needs to not only hint and be a reliable representation of what the post is about — but it needs to be compelling enough to get the reader to click or read on through. 

We suggest using several images throughout the blog to break up the content, guide the reader, and entice discovery. 

And don’t forget about infographics. These are great for synthesizing your points into easily digestible visuals. In fact they increase web traffic by 12%, according to Demand Gen.

Bonus — Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment.

Did we say 5 digital marketing secrets? Just kidding. We meant 6 for the price of 5 — and this free trick is probably the most important. Don’t be afraid to experiment and test new ideas. Put on your web copy lab coat and start percolating. Nobody knew any of these approaches would work until somebody did it first. So try stuff out. Throw what you’ve got at a wall and see what sticks. 

When it comes to digital marketing, you never know what will work. Test stuff out and analyze the stats. Experimentation is the rocket fuel of innovation. Play and have some fun. You may be surprised at the results. 

Like this? In the spirit of Digital Marketing Secret #2, share it! We’d love your love — we’re not afraid to ask. And feel free to drop us a line; we’re here to help!