Google AnalyticsDo you want to know more about your customers? Do you wish that you could track visitor activity on your website and see demographic info using easy to read reports? Google Analytics provides a streamlined service that delivers the information you need to direct your web presence toward your target audience.


  1. It’s simple to use, and free. Consult with your web design firm about setting up Google Analytics for your site, and you’ll soon find yourself perusing Google’s breakdown of your visitors, their demographic info, and the pages they’ve spent time on. It’s a free tool that you’ll actually enjoy using.
  2. You’ll learn about your customers. Google Analytics provides an essential look into the demographic information and behaviors of your customers. You’ll be able to pinpoint the city and state each visitor is viewing your site from, whether they linked from, and which pages they visited on your site. This will help you to analyze the customers you’re reaching.
  3. Customized reports. Do you want to see all of the information available about your website visitors, or just a few key pieces of info? Google Analytics allows your team to choose custom reports that deliver exactly what you’re looking for.
  4. Visitor tracking in real time. In addition to harnessing key demographic info about your visitors, you’ll also be able to see which pages visitors are looking at, when they’re visiting, and how long they’re staying on your site for.
  5. Easy integration. Your web design team can use Google Analytics to work with data from Google Adwords and Google Search Console. Plus, you’ll be able to access Analytics from an of your devices.Talk to your web design firm today about how it uses Google Analytics to analyze customer info and use that info to improve the web presence of companies like yours.